While the “me” decade has officially long passed, the focus on “I” has been sustained for quite a while now. We have been immersed in a period of “i-everything” and yet at the same time, “I” is and has always been part of “We.” We now have pure global connectivity in the form of super-sized social networks. But that is only the beginning of what We has to offer.

While “I” may be the starting point for every perspective and every action, it is the collective “We” that ultimately inherits the results of individual decision-making. Whether the subject at hand relates to family, friendships or the future of the planet, all of us are constantly affecting our collective future. The next wave of social connectivity, common purpose, is now upon us, and so is a new collaboration language for coordinating that connectivity. A new way of empowering ourselves online has arrived, and it’s called the WeJIT.

Meet the WeJIT

Democrasoft’s mission is to make a significant and lasting contribution to our world. Now we’ve taken the essence of our Collaborize platform, and extended it by making it “portable.” We call this new form the WeJIT – a very simple, but extremely powerful online collaboration tool that goes anywhere.

  • It allows anyone to give birth to an instant, engaged community around any topic.
  • It can be as simple as planning a family reunion or as far-reaching as organizing a movement. It enables anyone to instantly create a one-page website that collects votes, comments and results (and that you can embed almost anywhere).
  • And it eliminates the “reply-to-all” email mess that wastes so much of our valuable time.
  • Once you’ve created a WeJIT, you can decide if it’s private or public by how you distribute it. If you want efficient input from a small group, just send the WeJIT link in a single email. If you want to spread your topic far and wide, just Tweet the WeJIT link or post it to your Facebook page.
  • No matter how or when you do it, there’s no new organization to join, no software to learn, and virtually no learning curve.

In addition to our public site (www.MyWeJIT.com), WeJITs embed in other platforms and applications. The world’s very first two-way interactive eBook, enabled by WeJITs, has been announced (http://finance.sfgate.com/hearst.sfgate/news/read?GUID=22070897). Now, thanks to the WeJIT, readers and authors can easily connect with each other around any discussion topic, from right inside the e-book. WeJITs can be integrated in any e-publication, as well as in any blog or website. The possibilities really are endless.

Where are We going?

Our team believes that the WeJIT represents the future of collaboration – a new paradigm where what’s important is not just how many of us are connected, but what it is that we actually do together. We can instantly create teams that can make anything happen because they have an essential communications tool. From popular culture to politics; from the boardroom to the playing field, to the research lab, to every worthy cause imaginable. It’s the ability to go beyond simple comments on a webpage to being a vital part of the action and where it leads. It’s the power in simplicity and direct engagement. It’s the power in being organized in a chaotic world. It’s the power in a clear and common purpose. It’s the power in We.

It’s not a minute too soon for the power in We to start being exercised. Thank you for joining our mission and sharing it with others.