3-D Collaboration – Discussions, Debates and Decisions.
Around Any Topic. Instant and Effective.

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Anyone can create an instant public or private collaboration around any topic of interest.

Use a WeJIT publicly to:

  • Spread your topic-based discussions, debates and decisions via your Social Networks.
  • Amplify the conversations and collaboration around topics in sports, politics, pop culture and more.
  • Build an instant community around topics of interest.
  • Empower students to engage their peers in meaningful discussions and collaboration.

Use a WeJIT privately to:

  • Drive topic-based discussion, debates and decisions within your group or organization without an inbox full of “Reply to all” email.
  • Make quick and easy tactical decisions that include input from all appropriate team members, without the need for more meetings or complex software.
  • Empower teachers to engage their peers in private online discussions and collaboration on any topic.

The WeJIT is to collaboration what Google is to search.

Richard Lang, Chairman & CEO, Democrasoft, Inc.

“Having a blog with large amounts of traffic I still received very little engagement. With WeJIT’s I was able to increase the engagement on my blog by over 200%.”

Barry Ritholtz – The Big Picture Blog

“After writing a book I wanted to increase interaction with the readers. WeJIT’s allowed me to ask questions within the ebook experience and I was able to engage my readers in a way I never could before.”

JD Messinger – Former CEO of Ernst & Young and Author of “11 Days in May”

“I’m a teacher and WeJIT’s allowed students that never participate in class to finally have a voice and speak up on topics that mattered to them.”

Catlin Tucker – 9th Grade Language Arts Teacher and Author of “Blended Learning”